We are changing our branding, Because it's time to, everything needs a face lift every now and then

"We've been looking at different ways to maintain our Internet Presence having had the old one for nearly 14 years, so now's the time to re-brand the business"
- Loraine

Let's look at what we are doing

Web Resource Centre Logo

Artemis Media has developed some new Trading Styles and the main Style will be the "Web Resource Centre" which will be the central point of contact for all our business operations under the Artemis Media umbrella.

The Web Resource Centre will be our main website for all the services we offer and for contacting us about your accounts or other questions you may have.  Much of he new services can be seen on the home page which we have renamed as The Dashboard.

Web Resource News as you might guess will be one of the sites that helps us and you keep up with what's happening on the web.

Web Trendsetters will focus on marketing our existing clients on also local business articles and events

Local Business Magazine will again be looking at what's going on around the web at home and abroad - watch this space