Make Sure You Stand Out From The Crowd

Gold Egg Stands OutIf you are currently into exporting goods or services and would like to increase your Real and Perceived Authority in Overseas Markets then we can help you.   Perhaps you would like to start offering your goods or services to other countries but don't know how to gain a good foothold.

On the other hand - Maybe you don't export or want to export!

No Matter, Whichever your option we can assist you.  Our Program is geared to enhancing your Market Authority and Expertise in Your Field of operations.   Once instigated you'll be surprised just how quickly you and your business feature in both UK and International Search Results.

Furthermore, the whole process is designed to almost give a Celebrity kind of status getting you recognized and ensuring you.....

Stand Out From The Crowd

You're Only in The Game When You Are Seen as An Expert

Be A Recognized Authority and Convert More Customers

Sales GraphicIf you are in business and provide a good (maybe even great) service to your clients then they see a value in you if you are getting repeat business.   The trouble is that it gets harder to convert visitors into customers because of all that "Noise" on the web, and you probably know you are better than your competition, but new clients don't!

We help you change that, we help you claim your authority and positioning.  We help you build your Brand.

You can take action NOW to get chosen more often by potential customers or do nothing and stay as one of the other names in the search engine results list - The Also Ran List as we call it!  It's a term associated with Horse Racing, the also ran is a list of those that were in the race but came Nowhere!

The Brexit Actions

Well, it's here and it is crucial that small and medium businesses start to make sure that they take the following actions so you don't get lost in all the noise going on in the Wen.

What happens after we pull out of the EU is anyone's guess, so the more you can enhance your Brand, Individual and Corporate Profiles, Your Market Positioning, and Your Authority in the markets you serve and would like to move into, the better it will be.

Make Sure You Stand Out From The Crowd!

It's the Simple Strategies and Actions That Get the Best Results

Why individuals and business owners make things difficult I will never understand.  MakingMarket-Research Yourself visible and attractive to potential customers is all about Being Visible where they are looking!

Perhaps on some way it is related to the problem of competing against the competition locally and the Big Conglomerates who are everywhere.

The need to portray to the potential and existing customer that we have: The Best Products, The Best Services, and that Nobody Knows or Provides These "As Good as We Do". Can get in the way of simply being the one your potential and existing customers go to first.

Now I know that sounds a bit silly, but it isn't.  Owner Managers of small and medium businesses spend much of their time telling everyone who wants to hear - Just How Good They and Their Business is at "Whatever They Do"  We call this....

The "It's All About Me Syndrome"

The hardest part to get across to business owners that when they say "How Good They Are" theMan on Mic message gets lost in all the noise of promotions.   That's because the company's Marketing "Is All About Me/Us!"   Rather than focusing on the Customer and what they want/need.

Make your Marketing all about them Not about You!

We all know that referrals are the best form of winning business - But how do you get your name and business noticed and out there as a recognized Expert or Authority in your field of operations?  Be Where Customers Are Looking!

However, even though this philosophy is quire simple, it is not all that easy to achieve and endlessly telling folk how good you are at what you do, has its limits.   It's Time To Get The Help You Deserve!

It's like everything else, once you see how it's done you wonder why you wasted so much time doing other things.   The Internet and Super Fast Communication has changed the way customers look for suppliers and if you are not up to speed with what is going on, then you need someone on your side who does!

You Don't Have to Be On Page 1 of Google to Win Business!


Whilst Search Engine Optimization (SEO) still has relevance, it is no longer the be all and end all of Internet Marketing.   To succeed you have to be where people are looking for your goods or services.  On the web, in Social Media, in On Line Ads, and more than anything else cited or recognized around the Internet for your experience and skills.

That is where Branding, Positioning and Authority come in!

Loraine Birchall

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About What We Do

  • Branding

    Branding is Critical even for small or micro businesses!  If you have not created a brand then you will find it hard to position yourself and your company because your potential customers may have difficulties in recognizing what you do.

  • Positioning

    Positioning is about making sure you are seen where potential customers are looking for what you do.   Sounds simple does it not?  Well if it was simple everyone would be doing it. There is a skill in how you position yourself and your business to make it work for you.

  • Authority

    People always feel safer when they are dealing with a recognized authority!  If you are ill you want someone treating you who knows what they are talking about and doing.  It’s the same with everything else.   Are you ready to claim Your Authority?

  • Publishing

    Everyone has a book inside them, so they say.  But publishing is about much more than books, there are articles, Press releases, News Releases, Video Articles, Digital Reports and Books, Paperback books and so on….

    And I haven’t even covered Radio Interviews!   Want to know more?