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“Get your business into the spotlight”

Looking to get your business into the SPOTLIGHT? Then You’re in the right place, it’s Time to Compete with the Best!

The Spotlights Are On! – But Are They On You?

Spotlight On You

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Lockdown’s are Easing, Businesses Are Coming Back to Life, Customers Are Able to Move Around and Visit You Online and Offline.  It’s Time To Shine!

This is Certainly NOT the Time to be a Shrinking Violet!

Businesses online and offline are champing at the bit to talk to someone who can help them solve problems they have had in the past and still have now.


To Help them find a Piece of Happiness and Pampering after the last 12 months in a form of purdah.  The Way Out of the Covid Stalemate is to Adopt and Embrace Local Authority Positioning

It’s What the Big Corporations Do and It’s Now Available to You! 

7 common problems After Lockdown

Finding Quality Customers  More Aggressive CompetitionCompetitors may have closed, their customers need you!Building Trust Will be a CriticalA Crowded Market Place Could Be Cut-ThroatGet The Right Customers to Choose You Make Yourself Stand Out From the Crowd Open Doors

It’s Time To Start Opening New Doors

Time to Write That Book!

The Solutions

As so many businesses start back trading at once, as Lockdown eases, it could certainly be somewhat chaotic.  There will be many ups and downs!  Will all your customers come back to you or will they go looking for something that costs less?  What is needed is a plan to make you stand out from all your competitors and promote you and your business as Local Experts in your field of operations.

with our Local expert positioning package, you’ll find that you and your business become recognised as a local expert with ‘authority’ in your field of operations.

Within 60 to 90 Days you can expect to be considerably more visible online to the clients you want to serve.  You can focus locally or nationally, or even Internationally on getting the quality customers you want to attract.  Pretty soon you’ll find you are having to spend much less time searching for clients, as they begin to search you out.   

Get Your Business Into the Spotlight

Create The Plan

We Create a plan with you based around your wants, the unique aspects of your business and the areas you operate in.

Learn MoreLocal Expert Shake Hands

Position You As Local Expert

Build Your Authority in your field of operations as a Trusted Local Expert.  Help you to Stand Out From The Crowd.

Learn MoreSpotlight on Your Business

Explode Your Media Coverage

Explode Your Media Coverage, in ways your competitors would never dream of.

Drive potential clients towards you.

Learn More

If You Are Looking For This… 

In the SpotlightMore and Better Quality LeadsBetter Pricing and More ConversionsBuild Lasting Relationships with Clients

Then You Are In The Right Place

We Save You Money and Increase Profitability

You’re probably spending some large amounts of £££ on Advertising, Pay Per Click, and more…

You Probably get Media Packages every month from all manner of places telling you  that you can have a Quarter of a Page for £450.00 + Or a Full page for £1,200 – Right?  It’s probably in a Paper, Magazine or Trade Publication.    And if you want a National Publication – It inevitably costs much more.

What’s important here is that None of them Give you A Real Interactive Relationship with the Prospective Client that builds trust!   Today’s advert is Tomorrow’s Chip Paper!  

Most adverts in Newspapers and Magazines are often flipped past without a look.  And it stays the same! 

They will quote you figures of 20 or 30,000 readership.  A Figure that is a Best Guess!   

With our system You Go International, National and Local with Content you can Re-Purpose in 4 or 5 different ways. That will be Something Few of Your Competitors Will Have Mastered. 

What Life Looks Like When You Are a Recognised Local Expert 

You’ll be surprised what a difference a Positioning Package can make to your Visibility and Credibility both Online and Offline.   Prospective and Existing Clients take more notice of you and Search Engines look at you in a different light and see you as more important and worth matching you to specific services for your Key Words and Key Phrases.

Quality clients search out people they can Trust, and this whole process is designed to establish you as someone who can “Do What It Says on the Can” as the saying goes.

Sounds Good Right?  When you have positioned yourself Properly and Effectively, Problems Attracting Quality Clients In Covid Times tend to disappear. 

Problems attracting quality clients in Covid times?

When You Get Your Positioning Right – Life Looks So Much Better!

Problems Attracting Quality Clients In Covid Times? Authority and Positioning

Level The Playing Field

Once you become a ‘Local Expert’ authority in your field of operations, you can begin to rise above your competitors and compete with large organisations on a more level playing field.

Problems Attracting Quality Clients In Covid Times? Respect


Demonstrating Local Expert Authority defines you as a Leader in your markets and niches; this in turn brings respect for your knowledge and expertise which you have probably been hiding under a bushel.

Problems Attracting Quality Clients In Covid Times? Build Trust Win Clients


Potential and existing customers place more TRUST in Leaders and Experts in their markets and niches; Trust is essential if you want to position yourself above the crowd.

Problems Attracting Quality Clients In Covid Times? Delivery

Satisfaction = Delivery – Expectation

People who are recognised as a Local Expert and Authority always deliver more than they promise.  They do not worry about giving aspects of their knowledge for free, because this repays itself many fold.  

Expert Authority people by definition are assured and comfortable with their pedestal.

Problems Attracting Quality Clients In Covid Times? Open Doors

Expertise Opens Doors

 Doors Just Seem to Open as Never Before. Respect becomes an automatic accompaniment, leading to invitations to speak at events.  

At events you can  give of your opinions, write articles and make personal appearances, particularly if you are working in Niche Markets as they are so often forgotten and left alone by large organisations. 

Problems Attracting Quality Clients In Covid Times? Video Positively Drive Visitors

Visibility + Credibility = Attraction

You may not have thought of this but, People, especially Busy ‘A’ List people, want to deal with the “Best”. 

When Expert authority is bestowed upon you, you become part of that club – recognized, respected and preferred

It’s all about creating Connections, experiences and sharing stories!

Customers rarely want what you make – what they want is – “What it Will Do For Them!”Good connections are made through real “Stories”.   In particular stories that relate to them in whatever their business life is.Positive Experiences are made through quality guidance, systems that work and Positioning that open doors.

What Will Life Look like if You Don’t Take Action Now?

Cash Flow Can Suffer ConsiderablyCompetition Will Heat Up SignificantlyNew Customers May Be more Demanding if Their Previous Supplier has Not Survived Covid Lock DownsThere Will Be A Loss of Trust – Trust Triggers Need Building Right NowThose Slow to Take Action Could Find Their Existing Clients Looking Elsewhere!Those Out Of The Blocks First Will Take Most of the Spoils!Worried woman

Find Out More About Problems Attracting Quality Clients In Covid Times?

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What Makes Our System So Great?

It’s tried and tested, and we guide you all the way.  After Covid Many businesses will struggle to get clients because they will have become almost invisible over the last year.  

Made to Measure

Your business is unique, so we build everything around your uniqueness and specialisms.

From Invisibility to A Significant Player

Take that satisfying journey to becoming Positioned as someone of significance in your marketplace

Building Trust in Your Marketplace

As we enter this new normal customers will be looking for suppliers they can trust as so many have disappeared during Lockdowns.  

Find Out More

You must have lots of questions…   Not to worry – Simply Fill in the form below and we will contact you to answer them and have a confidential chat with no obligation on your part.  

Finding Out How It Will Benefit You Costs Nothing, Just a Little of Your Time  Fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you. 

What People Are Saying About Us And Local Expert Positioning 


Radio Interview and News

Creating my radio interview with David was a tremendously important process for me and for my business.  

It provided all the exposure that he’d promised but it also did much more than that.   I’d thoroughly recommend working with David to any business which is seeking to increase its media presence whilst being mentored by a great interviewer.

Rebecca Hanson

Authentic Maths Ltd

The Go To Guys

Great service, delivered on time and in budget.   They made the job so much more easy for me to get through with the way they are always there to give great advice.

I’m working away now to get the next stage ready, at that point I’ll be looking to enhance my online presence with News Releases, Articles and I’m considering having my own chapter in a book.

Never thought I’d be able to do this!

choose your image

Margaret Allen

Skilled & Trustworthy

“David is such and all around great guy, it is hard to just focus on one aspect of his many talents. If you are seeking assistance for your Business to build authority and trust, 

David is there to assist you with the all around knowledge needed to get it done right the first time. I have seen him in action and seen the people he has assisted so I know that he is someone that you can trust to help your business stand out and be noticed.”

Rebecca Holman



“I own a cleaning company in Atlanta and the Positioning was one of the main reasons I bought into this Marketing System. 

I used the positioning from a focused article on “My Expertise in My Field of Operations” which meant I could put media logos on my site (As seen on).   

It Made a World of Difference.  

I saved at least $15,000 in advertising costs a year. Have not spent a penny on advertising in the last 2 years, and I’ve been able to Raise Prices and deal with only high end clients.” 

Problems Attracting Quality Clients In Covid Times? Niche Targeting Delivers Quality Clients

Eco Cleaners

Ground breaking

A Real Estate Agent in the USA was 3rd out of 4 agents in line to give a presentation for the contract to sell a Luxury Water Front Property.  Having taken up the Agency Offer to create and publish a Best Selling Author book on Amazon during his presentation he brought out the book and showed the prospective clients.

He finished his presentation and left.  As he drove away from the presentation he received a call saying the sellers had cancelled the 4th Presentation and indicated that he was the best equipped to sell their property and asked him to come back to sign them up for the task.

That’s the Difference Being a Published Author Can Make!

Problems Attracting Quality Clients In Covid Times? Real Estate

Real Estate Agent


Following an Interview, a bricks and mortar based service business with a low web profile were invited on to a local talk show received over 75 immediate phone calls requesting to do business with them.

The business owner was thrilled, saying “I’ve never had such easy conversations in my life with prospective clients.   Not one questioned my credentials or wanted more information on my company.

Following the interview and appearance on the radio his recorded interview was re-purposed and re-marketed in a number of ways and the client is still getting customers from his Appearance.

Problems Attracting Quality Clients In Covid Times? choose your image

A Brick’s and Mortar Business Owner 

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