problems attracting quality clients in covid times?

Problems Attracting Quality Clients In Covid Times?

Problems attracting quality clients in Covid times could endure for some time for those who don't take action to rectify it.

Yes, attracting quality clients or customers if you prefer to call them so, can be a major problem for small and medium businesses with all the Lockdowns’.  During Covid it has become much harder to find those quality clients in the current economic climate without spending loads of time and money Searching for them.  

When you do find them, your experiencing extremely fierce Competition to attract those quality clients towards you, even if your business is always high on Page One of Google.  This isn't going to get much easier quickly.

As business starts picking up again, The Trust Factor is going to be a Precious Commodity.    Many a Business’s existing suppliers may no longer be in around and, potential clients are likely to be more cautious when it comes to finding new reliable providers to solve their problems or supply goods and services. 

Finding quality clients is the lifeblood of your business, it's how you grow, improve and deliver great products and services.  

Restrictions are probably holding you back, and just about everyone we speak to is champing at the bit to get going again as things ease.   

We understand how you feel, it's frustrating and let's face it, more than a little annoying at times and it can get you feeling down as you seem to have lost the control you usually have when trading normally. 

Well, believe it or not, Now is a great time to get working on removing those frustrations and feelings of lost control and that is where we can help you!  So if we've just described you and how you feel at the moment, don't worry, there is a way out, a solution...   And we've helped hundreds already and we can Guide You through it too.

There Is A Solution - We Will...

- Create a plan with you, based around your wants, the unique aspects of your business and the areas you operate in.

- Focus on getting You Positioned as A Local Expert with Authority in your field of operations; Improve Your Visibility and Credibility with search engines and prospective clients.  Once you have the Authority of Local Expert Status in your field of operations, you will begin to rise above your competitors and compete with large organisations on a more level playing field.  

- Be Guiding You throughout the whole process.

Get on board and we can help you with your Problems Attracting Quality Clients In Covid Times?

What Life Looks Like When You Are a Recognised Local Expert 

You'll be surprised what a difference a Positioning Package can make to your Visibility and Credibility both Online and Offline.

Prospective and Existing Clients take more notice of you and Search Engines look at you in a different light and see you as more important and worth matching you to specific services for your Key Words and Key Phrases.

Quality clients search out people they can Trust, and this whole process is designed to establish you as someone who can "Do What It Says on the Can" as the saying goes.

Sounds Good Right?

When you have positioned yourself Properly and Effectively, Problems Attracting Quality Clients In Covid Times tend to disappear. 

Problems attracting quality clients in Covid times?

Sometimes It's The Simple Decisions That Determine Outcomes

Act Now And Look Forward to A Better Future

Positioning In Your Market Sectors and Niches.

Understanding how to position you and your business can put you in control and get you achieving Your Objectives and Lifestyle.  

Clients start looking for you instead of you chasing them!

Saves you money in the long run and lifts you above many of your competitors.

The trick is to control what you can and don't worry about the rest, there is nothing you can do about it.   Positioning Yourself Well is something you have some control over and it gives you the Edge.

We'll show you how to identify Niches, where you find less competition.

Remember - Busy ‘A’ List people, want to deal with the “Best” – They want to know that they can trust you to get the job done and take their problem off their shoulders, so they can get on with their job – Generating Profits!

What Happens If You Don't Act Now?

As Covid Restrictions Ease – Competition in Your field will Heat Up Significantly.   Imagine how difficult this will be when you are trying to win New Customers who are demanding a supplier they can TRUST?

If You Are One of Those Businesses Hanging Back to see the lie of the land – You may find that Many of Your Existing Customers Could Well Be Looking for An Alternative Supplier.  

WHY?   Because Some Suppliers will be too slow at the starting line to match the demand? 

Think on This - If You Are One of The Slow Starters - What will this do to your cash flow?

It  Will Dry Up - And All because you didn’t act in good time to get ahead of the crowd.

In the world after Covid, early entrants into the New Normal Will Take Most of the Spoils!  

When You Get Your Positioning Right - Life Looks So Much Better!

There are two key things Positioning has a positive impact upon, they are...

1. Making it Easier for You to find your Ideal Client and Do Business with Them.  and  2. Making it Easier for Your Ideal Clients to find You and Do Business with You.

Sounds simple doesn't it?  Well in many respects it is, take a look below what we help you address to get you on track and competing effectively.

Do all of this and you won't have any Problems Attracting Quality Clients In Covid Times?

Take A Look At The Local Expert Authority Benefits

Problems Attracting Quality Clients In Covid Times? Authority and Positioning

Level The Playing Field

Once you become a 'Local Expert' authority in your field of operations, you can begin to rise above your competitors and compete with large organisations on a more level playing field.

Problems Attracting Quality Clients In Covid Times? Respect


Demonstrating Local Expert Authority defines you as a Leader in your markets and niches; this in turn brings respect for your knowledge and expertise which you have probably been hiding under a bushel.

Problems Attracting Quality Clients In Covid Times? Build Trust Win Clients


Potential and existing customers place more TRUST in Leaders and Experts in their markets and niches; Trust is essential if you want to position yourself above the crowd.

Problems Attracting Quality Clients In Covid Times? Delivery

Satisfaction = Delivery - Expectation

People who are recognised as a Local Expert and Authority always deliver more than they promise.  They do not worry about giving aspects of their knowledge for free, because this repays itself many fold.  

Expert Authority people by definition are assured and comfortable with their pedestal.

Problems Attracting Quality Clients In Covid Times? Open Doors

Expertise Opens Doors

 Doors Just Seem to Open as Never Before. Respect becomes an automatic accompaniment, leading to invitations to speak at events.  

At events you can  give of your opinions, write articles and make personal appearances, particularly if you are working in Niche Markets as they are so often forgotten and left alone by large organisations. 

Problems Attracting Quality Clients In Covid Times? Video Positively Drive Visitors

Visibility + Credibility = Attraction

You may not have thought of this but, People, especially Busy ‘A’ List people, want to deal with the “Best”. 

When Expert authority is bestowed upon you, you become part of that club – recognized, respected and preferred

Take Action Now! and Remove Your Problems of Attracting Quality Clients In Covid Times?

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We look forward to hearing from you at your convenience...  We're here to help!  

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Problems Attracting Quality Clients In Covid Times? 5 Reasons Why Your Website Isn't Turning Visitors into Customers

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Radio Interview and News

Creating my radio interview with David was a tremendously important process for me and for my business.  

It provided all the exposure that he’d promised but it also did much more than that.   I'd thoroughly recommend working with David to any business which is seeking to increase its media presence whilst being mentored by a great interviewer.

Rebecca Hanson

Authentic Maths Ltd

The Go To Guys

Great service, delivered on time and in budget.   They made the job so much more easy for me to get through with the way they are always there to give great advice.

I'm working away now to get the next stage ready, at that point I'll be looking to enhance my online presence with News Releases, Articles and I'm considering having my own chapter in a book.

Never thought I'd be able to do this!

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Margaret Allen

Skilled & Trustworthy

"David is such and all around great guy, it is hard to just focus on one aspect of his many talents. If you are seeking assistance for your Business to build authority and trust, 

David is there to assist you with the all around knowledge needed to get it done right the first time. I have seen him in action and seen the people he has assisted so I know that he is someone that you can trust to help your business stand out and be noticed."

Rebecca Holman


“I own a cleaning company in Atlanta and the Positioning was one of the main reasons I bought into this Marketing System. 

I used the positioning from a focused article on “My Expertise in My Field of Operations” which meant I could put media logos on my site (As seen on).   

It Made a World of Difference.  

I saved at least $15,000 in advertising costs a year. Have not spent a penny on advertising in the last 2 years, and I’ve been able to Raise Prices and deal with only high end clients.” 

Problems Attracting Quality Clients In Covid Times? Niche Targeting Delivers Quality Clients

Eco Cleaners

Ground breaking

A Real Estate Agent in the USA was 3rd out of 4 agents in line to give a presentation for the contract to sell a Luxury Water Front Property.  Having taken up the Agency Offer to create and publish a Best Selling Author book on Amazon during his presentation he brought out the book and showed the prospective clients.

He finished his presentation and left.  As he drove away from the presentation he received a call saying the sellers had cancelled the 4th Presentation and indicated that he was the best equipped to sell their property and asked him to come back to sign them up for the task.

That's the Difference Being a Published Author Can Make!

Problems Attracting Quality Clients In Covid Times? Real Estate

Real Estate Agent


Following an Interview, a bricks and mortar based service business with a low web profile were invited on to a local talk show received over 75 immediate phone calls requesting to do business with them.

The business owner was thrilled, saying "I've never had such easy conversations in my life with prospective clients.   Not one questioned my credentials or wanted more information on my company.

Following the interview and appearance on the radio his recorded interview was re-purposed and re-marketed in a number of ways and the client is still getting customers from his Appearance.

Problems Attracting Quality Clients In Covid Times? choose your image

A Brisk and Mortar Business Owner 

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