Authority and Positioning

Authority and Positioning

Our Authority and Positioning Intake Program has been Unlocked by Artemis Media and is open for a new intake of entrepreneurs.  It’s been designed to take small and medium businesses from virtual Obscurity to Being A Recognised Subject Matter Expert in Your Field of Operations! So You Can Compete With the ‘Big Boys’.

Authority and Positioning Accelerator – Our Monthly Service that Enables You Stand Out From the Crowd is Now Unlocked!

Our Authority and Positioning Accelerator Service is designed to spread the costs of Getting You Noticed and Recognised as an Expert in your Field of Operations.  It’s geared to make you Stand Out From The Crowd and to be head and shoulders above your competitors in search engines.

Not everyone can afford £10,000 – £ 35,000 as a one off for this kind of service!  

So we simplified our system to help owners of Micro; Small and Medium Enterprises get their name/Brand and credibility out there quickly and efficiently.    

This Excellent Monthly Service STARTS at £299.00 per month

Accelerate Your Authority Positioning And…

Learn How To Prospect Niche Markets and Be Recognised as A Subject Matter ExpertBe Seen in Well Respected On Line Publications InternationallyDon’t Like Selling? – Neither Do We! – Learn How to Get Quality Clients Searching for Your Services Become an Author and Leader in Your Field of OperationsHit the Ground Running and Make Your Presence FeltBe Interviewed on our Business Innovators Radio Channel

The Benefits To You!

Our agency has helped 100’s of clients achieve Claim their authority and improve their market position   

Better Quality Clients 

Once You become seen as a Subject Matter Expert, you will find that better quality clients will want to work with you, even though your services  will cost more than some of your top competitors.

More Recognition

Your Higher Visibility online in your chosen markets and niches means that Many doors will open up for you which seemed Closed before.   

Busy people like to deal with Experts.

No Selling Needed

When you become a recognised Expert in Your Field, customers tend to come looking for you!  

So you don’t have to spend loads of time looking for clients trying to sell your services. 

You Can Stand Out From The Crowd in Just 90 Days With Our Authority Accelerator Positioning Programme

Entrepreneurs Programme of Authority and Positioning  Accelerator was Launched 10th September by Loraine and David Birchall. 

The whole process is focused on getting the client recognised as a subject matter expert, expelling them from Obscurity to High Visibility on the web and in International Media.

Once you gain the Status of a Local ‘Subject Matter’ Expert you are on the road to competing against larger companies and if you apply our Niche Marketing Tactics you will probably find your competitors get fewer.   

Book Your Place Now by Filling in the Form 

Authority and Positioning

So many small and medium businesses have neglected their online presence and during the pandemic it those who have suffered the most.   

It’s Not Just small and medium’s but also some of the Big, top companies have experienced the same problems and are rushing to change that.  No matter what sector you are in or what you do we are in a wired world and an effective online and offline presence is essential – Fill in the form and we can have a chat, free of charge, in confidence and without obligation.   Just fill in the Form >>>>

Whether you are looking to promote your business Locally, Nationally or Internationally, it will work for you, your brand and your target markets.

National Audit Statistics tell us that Businesses who Export are more prepared to withstand downturns and recessions.   

UK Businesses are being watched by potential customers and suppliers as we work out what happens with Brexit.   So, the rest of the world is paying us attention and you should be making the best of that. 

Whatever happens over Brexit, UK Businesses Must Seek and Grasp Opportunities both at home and with overseas partners to weather any storms should they occur.  In doing so you actually Improve Your Local Visibility in search engines whether you trade overseas or just around the corner.

Don’t Wait – Get Your Business Promoted Right Now – whether you want overseas clients or not. Interested?

Get Access to Accelerator NowJust Fill in the Form 

Here’s What You Get 

A ‘Production Line’ of News and Authority Media About You 

Well, we make it easy for Others to Recognise You as The Expert and Authority in Your Field!We do that by Packaging Your Knowledge and Your Passion for Helping Your Customers and Clients We Don’t Claim to have Invented it, but it is a Proven Formula That Has Been Used By Celebrity Entrepreneurs for Years!We Are Really Good At Putting It Together for the RIGHT PERSON.We make sure you are Seen, Recognised and Respected in your field of operationsDavid Birchall featured in Industry Week

International News Releases

Step 1

David’s News Release in Industry Week discussing small business marketing benefits.   This news release had my face and comments indexed by Google UK for 11 whole pages; just with my News Release.

Sub textExpert Profiles publication

Expert Profiles Book

Step 1

Have your own Chapter nestling next to other Business Experts.  You’ll be surprised how much your credibility soars when you have works published.

These are published in eBook and paperback formats and achieve Amazon Best seller status

Learn MoreSub textRebecca Hanson

Business Innovators Radio

Step 1

Rebecca developed a fantastic method of teaching and we ran the story in  news release for her.

She could not believe the amount of coverage it gave her and her business.

She was so please she sent me an endorsement which can be seen in our pages on this site.

Learn MoreSub textBusiness Innovators Magazine

Business Innovators Magazine

Step 4

Once again we write it up and you appear amongst some really innovative business people who are appearing in the Business Innovators Magazine.  

It’s indexed by Google and other search engines and in the process the process enhances your reputation and credibility.


Learn MoreSub textHand Out Flyer Featuring Business innovators magazine online radio


Step 4

Hand Delivered Flyers are..

Traditional marketing tools that can sit will with the new online stuff.  We see them both as important routes to getting your message across to both existing and prospective clients.  We like to dovetail what you do on line with what you are promoting off line and it works.

Learn MoreSub textOur Agency - Authority Press Wire

Our Agency APW

Step 4

Our Agency, Authority Press Wire, syndicates our News Releases far and wide.

It’s one of the tools we use to get You Noticed, remember what we said – “Be Seen – Be recognised – Be Respected!

Learn MoreSub text

Be Seen; Be Recognised; Be Respected

Once we know and understand what you want/need, we design a programme specifically for you, and within 90 days of starting the programme you should be seeing a difference in your listings in search engines not to mention interest from potential clients.

But here we have only touched the surface, there is much more we can do once we establish your target markets and audiences.

Join Our Authority Accelerator Positioning Programme! Just fill in the Form Below We’ll Have a Chat and Get the Ball Rolling! 

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