Create Your Winning Brand

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Create Your Winning Brand

Create Your Winning Brand.

A Brand Doesn’t Just happen You Must Create it and Build it!

It’s taking a considerable time for a number of Small and Medium Sized Businesses to realise if you build your brand, you will build your business!

Also that if you want to get the best from your marketing, you have to integrate online and offline marketing tools so Your Message to your Target Audience is not confusing or too widely focused.

Your Brand can do that quickly once you have it in place.

The tighter you can focus your Target Audience the more impact you have.

We call this Niche Marketing.  Working with Niches can be more profitable, and you and your brand will soon be seen as a Subject Matter Expert within that Niche.

Create Your Winning Brand NOW!

create your winning brand

Create your winning Brand!  It get’s easier once you know what the boundaries are and how to make yourself stand out from everyone else.

Create Your Winning Brand

Create your winning brand, Build your brand

If you have not created Your Brand then you are missing out on sales and connections.  The fact is that if you are on the web, you will already have a ‘Brand’ automatically applied to you/your business by a combination of search engines and content.

The trouble is it will Probably Not Be the Brand You Want!

So you must learn quickly How to Create Your Winning Brand.

Your Brand is very important to you and to your Potential Customers – It’s what they can Relate To and What Drives Customers to you!

A Brand in many respects is Recognition for Delivering Quality Services to your Clients.

You can have different Branding for different Niche Markets

It’s Not Just Your Company that has a Brand!

Create Your Winning Brand!

It’s not just your company that has a brand these days.  Everyone has a Brand in these days of Instant Digital Media.  If you have a presence on line, then you have an image of who you are and what your business is in the mind of anyone who has visited you on line.

The trouble is from what they have seen – What Are They Thinking? Is it The Brand You Want Them to See?  Or is it just an impression of who you are and what you do.  When you have a Brand – It Speaks for You, about what you do and the quality you deliver to your clients.  Will what you have presented in your headers and content create your winning brand?

Consequently, you and your key employees need to project the Brand.   You want potential customers to see and believe your message.  Boiler suits can be fine for certain Niches, but unacceptable to others.

Think about it.

You can see more about individual branding and ‘looks’ on our sister company at Transform My Style.

On this website we concentrate on your business and personnel who deliver your product or services and how to generate leads.  Our watchword is – Be The Brand They Want To Deal With! Be the Winning Brand!

Export Markets Are Watching You!

Create your winning brand

Export Markets are watching you – On the left we can see David Birchall’s recent News Release in the prestigious publication the Digital Journal.  The Message is about how Businesses outside and Inside the EU are quietly watching the UK.

Right underneath my article is Mr Warren Buffett, so in the eyes of a reader they see me in the same company of someone much more famous than me. Search engines notice that too.

Some expecting Brexit are looking for potential New Suppliers, Customers and maybe even Business Partners once the trade barriers go down.    Others are looking for the same reasons, in case the barriers stay up!

The fact of the matter is – If UK Business Owners want to find customers anywhere in the world, they can, whether in the EU or Not.

Those who may be experiencing difficult market conditions now should probably be considering whether they could start looking outside our ‘EU Box’ for extending their own influence before their competitors do.

The EU may look a safe place now – but will it still be so, when the ECB starts to wobble as the Euro destabilises.  Time to Wake Up and Smell the Coffee.

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