Unlocking your authority and leveraging you knowledge is essential if you  want to win clients without wasting effort.  Read on and we will explain...

Unlock Your Authority, Leverage Your Knowledge and Win Clients

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Client's Want to Deal With People They Know Something About, and Can Trust

If you want to unlock your authority and leverage your knowledge to win-clients then you have to think differently.  Simply having a website and some well place adverts no longer hits the target.  The Internet Has Changed significantly and the Professional Sectors are getting left behind by the Big Brands because they don't know how to compete in this new environment.

Potential Clients want to know more about you and they are more ready to become customers if they can see that you and your business are recognized by Search Engines and other Respected News Outlets as an Authority and/or Expert in Your Field of Operations. 

You'll Love These Amazing Features

We Work with our model of the Authority Wheel to Get Your Brand Noticed

Authority cannot be taken, it has to be conferred but others.  To become a recognized Authority we take the actions that bring together all the aspects of the authority wheel which when applied make sure you are quoted and seen on highly Respected on line news and magazine outlets, such as ABC - Fox - NBC - CBS and Amazon to name but a few.

You will soon become recognized as an authority in your field of operations and as this is maintained you will be able to raise your fees accordingly depending on the clientele.

Regular News Releases About Your and Your Business

In this news Release David discusses the issues that business owners will have with Big Brands, no only after Brexit, but now!  He outlines the problems and suggests that small and medium businesses don't pay enough attention to getting known and recognized.

It's all about becoming and Authority and Expert recognized by Respected Third Parties that helps to lift you into high value customers where higher fees apply.

Regular Magazine Articles About Your and Your Business

How many times have you been featured in a respected Online Publication where you can voice your opinions or illuminate potential customers about your skills, knowledge and Authority along side other top experts in your field.

We build your on line presence and authority with articles syndicated across the web getting you known not just at home but internationally.

A Published Best Selling Author

Specifically Features Professionals from the various sectors including Accountancy, Law, Optometry, Health Care, Construction, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Property/Real Estate, Facilities Management, Surveyors and Valuers etc. 

One of the most powerful tools in the armoury of becoming a recognized "Authority" is that of becoming a Published Author.  That can be enhanced if when published you also become a Best Selling Author on Amazon.

The trouble is that most hardworking owner managers simply cannot find the time to write the book they would love to publish.  And that is where we come in, we have developed a system which produces your book with your words and you don't have to write anything.

Needless to say, once finished we turn it into a best seller.

Interviews on Business Innovators Radio

Imagine being on an On Line Radio Show were you are interviewed as "This Weeks Guest Expert" which is then syndicated across all the major online platforms like Stitcher, Spreaker, YouTube, iheart Radio, iTunes etc.

This takes you into the world of "Being Interviewed" but other stations and promotes you as a public speaker fostering bookings for events as your influence grows.

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What People Say About Us

"David is such and all around great guy, it is hard to just focus on one aspect of his many talents. If you are seeking assistance for your Business to build authority and trust, David is there to assist you with the all around knowledge needed to get it done right the first time. I have seen him in action and seen the people he has assisted so I know that he is someone that you can trust to help your business stand out and be noticed."

20 Oct 2016

- Rebecca Holman, Rebecca Holman

Dave is supportive, highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable in his field. I trust his judgement implicitly and would recommend him and Artemis Media to everyone.

June 3, 2013, 

- Helen Benson, Decoflora Ltd


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Win Customers with Less Effort

Take advantage of our free offer of a Radio Interview on our Business Innovators Radio Channel

Watch the video on the left and see what Rebecca Hanson has to say about being interviewed on Business Innovators Radio and how the interview itself made her think more about her own business.

You'll Love These Amazing Features

  • Brings much better visibility on line
  • Raises your standing in your field of operatoins
  • Search engines see you as being more important than traditional company listing
  • Visitors see you as the Go to Guy for what you do!
  • Takes you in to higher value clients where you can raise your fees
  • More customers - less effort
  • Sets you Head and Shoulders above your Local Competition

You will be seen on well respected News Media Sites all picked up by Google and otehr search engines to enhance your presence in rankings

Have you been seen in any of these?