Be in the News and Be Seen...

News, Press Releases and Article Give Huge Benefits

Few things get you noticed as quickly as a great News or Press Release and an interesting article in one or more of the major Online News Sites.  What's the difference between a News and a Press Release?

Well virtually nothing, but sometimes calling it a news release is less threatening than a Press Release.

An article is what you would expect it to be, a piece of writing promoting you and your business strategically and facilitating sales without selling.

As long as the content is right then it matters not what you call it. At the end of the day it is all about Being Seen and Heard in the News.

And boy do search engines love them!

How to Raise Your Profile above the competition!

Below you can see three examples of News or Press Releases and of an article.   It's all about telling a story (and yes a true story - no fibs) which informs prospective customers more about you and your company.

The published News/Press Release and/or Article a) help you to stand out from your competition and b) form a relationship with the reader.   No selling involved but all of a sudden you are known and seen as being more important in search engines.  This helps page rank and makes you stand out from the crowd in all those search results.

Good news well written helps to drive customers to your business.