Personal Branding and Authority Positioning Benefits by Loraine Birchall

Loraine Birchall partner Artemis Media explains benefits of Branding and Authority Positioning ExpertConsider Personal Branding, and Authority Positioning Benefits discussed here by Loraine Birchall.

Whether you're an individual or the owner of a larger company, personal branding works well for you and the business. Why? Because one feeds off the other and it is always people that make a company. People learn and create, not the company.

Personal Branding helps your customers relate to you and other individuals in your business. It goes a long way towards promoting the company or individual as an Expert and Authority.

Personal Branding Authority Positioning Benefits Drives Customers

Personal Branding focuses on you being an Expert and/or Authority in your field of operations.

When you become a recognized Authority (whatever you do) customers sit up and take notice of what you are saying.

Quite Literally, you stand out from the crowd.

Once you are a Recognized Authority / Expert in your field of operations, search engines notice.   Search engines like Google put a lot of significance on individuals when deciding page rank.


  • Learn to develop an Executive Presence
  • Being consistent about the message you present
  • Your brand impacts on your business culture, attitudes and effectiveness
  • Improve your body language and project a confident image
  • Project your voice, make your message heard and influence your audience
  • Be in interested in what people are telling you, it does matter
  • Dress like you mean it, whether that's casual, business smart or for success

You will be able to find out more as we discuss the subjects of Branding, Personal Branding and Authority Positioning further on other pages.  So what we want to flag up here as a taster is what having your own branding will mean to you.  As you build your brand and position in your market places customers look for you rather than you chasing them.