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Critical Market Positioning Determines How Good your Visibility, credibility and Customer Attraction is! 

Critical Market Positioning is Critical if you want to Be Seen; Recognised; Demonstrate Credibility, and Attract New Clients

“Great Positioning Draws Quality Clients, Gains Trust and Significantly Enhances Your Status In Your Chosen Market Place”

Stop Surfing Tsunamis

Does it feel like you and your business are continually “Surfing a Tsunami?   

So Many Businesses are facing unprecedented challenges these days and it’s literally on a world wide scale, untold numbers are in the same boat and are unsure on which way to steer the ship.  

Does Anything Ring A Bell Here?  

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Even some of the Big Brands have had to tear up their Marketing and Business Plans as they are forced to adapt to a new world where digital media could be the one channel open to them for connecting with their customer base.  

We believe it’s because they failed to build in their own Critical Market Positioning and were not paying enough attention to how they integrate their online and offline worlds.

Critical Market Positioning – Promotes Business Brands Whatever Your Size

Critical Market Positioning

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Significant numbers of businesses have to some extent ignored or side-lined the potential opportunities from Taking Advantage of Digital Media and now they are behind the curve.   

Bricks and Mortar Organisations from large to minute, are struggling because they have ‘nudged the web’ onto a back burner. 

Their business model is probably floundering in an ocean of change with a potential tsunami baring down on them. 

Look around you and you’ll see untold numbers of businesses waiting to see what the NEW NORMAL is going to be like, before they take action. 

Those who stand back and wait for the Big Players to show them a way to get back in the game, will simply be left behind, and the future for them looks bleak at best. 

We know how quickly circumstances can change, it’s happened in the past and it will happen again in the future.  We also know that at times like this, Significant Opportunities Present Themselves out of the tsunami’s flotsam and jetsam.  

You just have to know how to see and implement them.    Nothing in business is certain or guaranteed. You are only as good as you were yesterday, the focus now has to be on Forging that New Tomorrow.  

However Forging a New Tomorrow must include Critical Market Positioning.


You don’t have to feel confused anymore!

These Are Difficult Times – The Stakes Are High For Those Who Keep Ignoring or Putting Off the Need To Address and Create That New Tomorrow, what all  the pundits are calling The New Normal.   Every Day Creates A New Normal, so it’s nothing new, just a bit daunting with things the way they are at the moment.    

“Stop Surfing Your Tsunami And Start Creating Your Own New Normal.   RIGHT NOW.”

Effective Market Positioning Is Absolutely Critical

Market Positioning Can Be Really Difficult for all businesses, let alone the small or micro business.   The Pandemic, The Economic Situation, Google restricting the number of Organic Search Results, are just three problems that are constantly hitting us between the eyes.

The Trouble is – Most businesses lack the time and expertise to build a portfolio and create the regular contributions necessary for Market Positioning The Business in Digital Media, in an affordable way.  

Consequently, Market Positioning Doesn’t Get Done and Your Visibility and Credibility the two main things potential customers care about, are overlooked and this confines even the most professional of businesses into Insignificance! 

Stop Worrying – At Artemis Media We’ll Do All That For You – So You Can:

Have Peace of Mind that you are Making Sure You and Your Business have the Opportunity to 

Stand Out From The Competition, Generate Leads Which You Can Convert into Quality Customers.

You Can Climb On Board – And Together We Will Forge That New Normal…

You’re bound to have lots of questions!  That’s only natural, our agency has helped hundreds of businesses improve their Market Position and Establish high Visibility and Credibility for what they do.   

To Start The Conversation and Chat in Confidence and Without Obligation, About Your Own Unique Circumstances fill in the form above and Let Us Know – Well call you back and you can chat with us in confidence and without obligation 

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Radio Interview and News

Creating my radio interview with David was a tremendously important process for me and for my business.  

It provided all the exposure that he’d promised but it also did much more than that.   I’d thoroughly recommend working with David to any business which is seeking to increase its media presence whilst being mentored by a great interviewer.

Rebecca Hanson

Authentic Maths Ltd

The Go To Guys

Great service, delivered on time and in budget.   They made the job so much more easy for me to get through with the way they are always there to give great advice.

I’m working away now to get the next stage ready, at that point I’ll be looking to enhance my online presence with News Releases, Articles and I’m considering having my own chapter in a book.

Never thought I’d be able to do this!

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Margaret Allen

Skilled & Trustworthy

“David is such and all around great guy, it is hard to just focus on one aspect of his many talents. If you are seeking assistance for your Business to build authority and trust, 

David is there to assist you with the all around knowledge needed to get it done right the first time. I have seen him in action and seen the people he has assisted so I know that he is someone that you can trust to help your business stand out and be noticed.”

Rebecca Holman


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