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We discuss your current situation and create a programme to help you achieve your goals 

Processes Involved

Step 1

It's all about getting your message out there to your potential customers by targeting Niches and understanding their needs and wants..

Activities that Get You There

Step 2

Above we can see some of the activities that help you on your way to becoming an important Leader and Authority in your field of operations and market niche..

Our Monthly Service that Makes You Stand Out From the Crowd

Our Accelerator Service is designed to spread the costs of Getting You Noticed and Recognised as an Expert in your Field of Operations.  Not everyone can afford £10,000 - £ 25,000 as a one off!  So we simplified our system in order to help owners of Micro; Small and Medium Enterprises get their name and credibility out there quickly and efficiently.    The monthly service starts at £499.00 p/m.

This service Works Wonders for Local, National Trading, and can make a huge difference to you if you Export Now or Want to Start Exporting!

Here's What You Get

A 'Production Line' of News and Authority Media On You 

Be Seen; Be Recognised; Be Respected

The Web has changed how we market our goods and services, a fact I am sure that has not been lost on you!

We all know that the web is important to winning business, and your competitors will be using most of the tools and practices you are yourself.  

But in today's market place you can quickly become a 'Another Member of the Crowd' in Search Engine Returns when what you really need to be is someone who.... 

"Stands Out From The Rest!"

Sounds Easy Right? 

Well, If it was, there would not be so many of them in The Crowd shouting 

Hey, I'm Here Too ! 

Getting Your Message Out There
David Birchall featured in Industry Week

International News Releases

Step 1

David's News Release in Industry Week discussing small business marketing benefits.   This news release had my face and comments indexed by Google UK for 11 whole pages; just with my News Release.

Expert Profiles publication

Expert Profiles Book

Step 1

Have your own Chapter nestling next to other Business Experts.  You'll be surprised how much your credibility soars when you have works published.

These are published in eBook and paperback formats and achieve Amazon Best seller status

Rebecca Hanson

Business Innovators Radio

Step 1

Rebecca developed a fantastic method of teaching and we ran the story in  news release for her.

She could not believe the amount of coverage it gave her and her business.

She was so please she sent me an endorsement which can be seen in our pages on this site.

Business Innovators Magazine

Business Innovators Magazine

Step 4

Once again we write it up and you appear amongst some really innovative business people who are appearing in the Magazine.  It's indexed by Google and other search engines and in the process enhances your reputation and credibility.


Hand Out Flyer Cropped

Printed Off Line Flyers 

Step 4

We see them both as important routes to getting your message across the existing and prospective clients.  We like to dovetail what you do on line with what you are promoting off line and it works.

Social media

Social Media and News

Step 4

Wherever clients are looking we like to have a presence; we don't always use them all, as it depends on the target audience we or our clients want to reach.

However, when potential clients see where you are being seen on the web, they begin to trust you without even meeting you.

Once we know and understand what you want/need, we design a programme for you and within 90 days you should see a difference in your listings in search engines not to mention interest from potential clients.

But here we have only touched the surface, there is much more we can do once we establish your target markets and audiences.

Want to know more?  Just fill in the Form Below and we'll get back to you!

Built by a Team of Modern Day Marketing Specialists

The systems we use have been tried and tested on our own sites and with our own marketing and positioning as well as our clients.  Contact us to see how we can help you.

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