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DISCOVER PUBLISHING – And A Short Book Wins By A Mile!

If you are looking to build your Brand and be seen as an Authority in your field of operations, then be aware that few things perform better at getting you there than becoming a Published Author.  And it doesn’t have to be 100’s of pages long, anywhere between 65 and 120 pages can do the trick when its focused on specific aspects of your area of expertise.

Books, News Releases, Articles and Interest Stories all catered for!

Discover Publishing – And A Short Book Wins By A Mile!

And just to prove that, I’m going to show you some Best Selling Books that really are a Short Read; 120 pages or LESS!

The Art of War by General Sun Tzu

This little book is just 64 pages and is revered by Military Strategists and Tacticians and by Business High Flyers alike.  It’s a world-wide best selling book and it’s full of wisdom for soldiers, managers and politicians alike.

General Sun Tzu said “He who harkens to my council shall know victory” wise words from a genius, and it’s only just over 60 pages long!   A Best selling book through the centuries – So, why is it a best seller?  Because it is Concise, Focused and Results Driven!

It’s available on Amazon here It is not an affiliate link

Short BookAnd a short book wins by a mile - Niccolo Machiavelli's The Prince

The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli

Here’s another one – The Prince By Machiavelli is still a best seller for all the same reason and for the insight into dealing with Power Brokers and the Politics of a very difficult time to be alive.

Today what he says still rings true and can be a learning curve for all manner of leaders and psychologists to understand motivation and interaction to achieve goals.

The Prince is around 120 pages and still selling…

It’s available on Amazon here:

The link is not an affiliate link.

Animal Farm by George Orwell

Animal Farm was written around 1943/4 during WW 2.  The story was a savage attack on Stalin, and it was refused by publisher after publisher.

Eventually it found its way into the bookshops and this simple, tragic fable has since become a world-famous classic.

It’s available from Amazon Here         It’s not an affiliate link

George Orwell's Animal farm

you don’t have to be a famous author to have a best seller!

Discover Publishing - Tim Butler FRICS Best Seller on

Tim Butler FRICS

Step 1

Tim is a Chartered Surveyor and really knows his stuff when it comes to Stone Built Period Buildings.

Available HereSub textDiscover Publishing - Ask David Birchall Generating Leads

David Birchall

Step 1

What You Need to Know about Generating Leads and Positioning Yourself as a Subject Matter Expert.

Order from Artemis MediaSub textDiscover Publishing - David Birchall's book on Build Trust & Win Clients


Step 1

This book was just published as a paperback and not through Amazon and he looks at how you can win clients with gentle non-sales marketing.

Yours from Artemis Media.comSub text

Above you see a couple of authors that our processes have created.  Neither of them famous or experienced in writing books, but our system helped them produce one, and built their Credibility Considerably in their respective markets.

When You Become A Published Author – You Are Seen As An Expert!

Your Potential Customers don’t really have any idea how to pick someone to help them solve their problem.  All they know is that they don’t want any old Tom, Dick or Harry; they want to deal with an Expert.  Experts make them feel comfortable, they are someone to put their belief in.

When they put a search in Google for a Real Estate Agent, A Surveyor or an Electrician they get a list of names all of them saying the same thing – I’m Here Come and Choose Me!

You may be there in the listings, but so are a dozen or more who probably do the same product or service that you do!  So, To Be Chosen – You Need To Stand Out From the Crowd…

And Demonstrate More Credibility Than They Do!

So What’s Stopping You?

“But I’m Not A Writer, I’ve Never Written A Book!”

You don’t have to be a writer, we take care of that for you! So there is no need to worry about that.  If you want to position yourself as a Leader in Your Field of Operations and stand out from your Competitors, then there are Few Ways Better at Doing This than becoming a Published Author.

Look around at your competition – How Many Of Them are Published Authors?   At Best it will be very few and why do you think that is?

It’s because they keep saying – “But I’m not a writer, I’ve never written a book before.”  Its out of their comfort zone so they steer clear of becoming an author.

Do you Want To Stand Head And shoulders Above Your Competitors?

If you do, then it’s time to step into the lime light and Become the Leader in Your Field of Operations that the Quality Clients are Looking to Work With.  Give them a chance to choose you above all the other businesses doing the same things you do in Search Engine Listings.

FILL IN THE FORM  AND WE’LL GET BACK TO YOU; NO OBLIGATION – JUST A CHAT ABOUT YOU, YOUR BUSINESS AND WHAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE.  After a chat, we will be able to tell you straight whether you will benefit from Stepping Up to Stand Out From the Crowd.

You have nothing to loose!

It Costs You Nothing to Find Out More

You Probably have questions, well fill in the form on the right and we’ll arrange a convenient time to have a chat with you, in confidence and this consultation will be free.

We’ve helped a considerable number of budding authors bring their ideas and work into a published book.

Few things set you apart from your competitors better than that of becoming a published author.

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