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Target Messaging, Explode Your Media Coverage

Explode Media Coverage - it's essential if you are to be recognised by your potential customers as and authority and expert in your field.  

When your potential customers are searching the Web, the more they see evidence of You, the more important you become in their eyes!  It's the same with search engines.

If you are having problems with getting potential customers to chose you, then this could be a Game Changer for you and your business

To Explode Media Coverage is About Being Seen Where Your Potential Customers are Looking!

Explode Media Coverage, Expert Profiles Book - Become the Expert in Your Field

Become an Expert in Your Field

Step 1

Being seen and heard on the web builds your Credibility and soon you become noticed as one of the Leaders in your Field of Operations.

Don't let this scare you, with a little help you'll be surprised how easy it is.  All you have to do is keep doing it....

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Get Client's to Come Looking
For You 

Step 2

Get your media coverage right and you'll find that you are seen as an expert in your field; especially if you have been on Radio or TV, or seen all over the place in Articles and News Releases.

Using the media can be difficult when you don't know your way around it, and that's where we come in.

Explode Media Coverage, Step Up a Gear and Stand Out From The Crowd

Talk About Benefits and
Solving Their Problems

Step 3

Learn how to deal with Niche Clients, you'll have less competition and quickly learn about their problems and how you can help them solve them.  Do this and they won't deal with anyone else... 

This way you are never competing with the Big Boys! 

Let Me Ask You A Question.

How often have you been seen in your local press or on your local radio to discuss how you help people without tryinkg to sell them something?

If you are like most business owners, you'll have tried to slip something in there about a product or service.   You'll be surprised how easy it is to SELL without Selling!   And once you get the hang of it, you'll love it.

Using The Media 

Target Messaging, News Release - Tim Butler takes to the air

News Releases

Step 1

You'll be surprised how a well placed and well written news release can catapult you higher in the Google Indexing and ultimately your page ranking.   A well placed News Release syndicated across the main news platforms certainly gets you noticed.  

Explode Media Coverage, Authorship - Enhance Your Online Visibility


Step 1

Becoming a Published Author probably brings more "WOW's" than anything else.   And you don't have to write 'War and Peace' - just 55 to 100 Pocket book pages can do the trick.    What makes it even better is you don't have to do any writing....  Click the link to find out how we do that...

Explode Media Coverage, You Could Be On Business innovators Radio

Radio Guest Expert

Step 1

Our Radio Interviews are far reaching, they appear on all the main online news Casts such as iTunes, YouTube, iHeart Radio, Stretcher and Spreaker.  And of course Google finds out about it instantly making you an important person to follow. 

Time to Step Up and Stand Out From Your Competitors

When you Explode Media it stops you worrying about the short game, and you begin to understand the bigger picture.. you're going to crush your competition and be able to adapt to the new age of marketing just fine.


Business Innovators Radio

Why is the price so low?

The Price is low - Because most UK entrepreneurs running a small and medium sized business have never tried this kind of approach and are usually somewhat distrustful of the process.

But, they soon change their minds once they have been interviewed. See here what Rebecca Hanson of Authentic Maths says.

Get your foot on the EXpert Ladder and Build Your Online Brand.

Imagine your photo on this Humble Brag card.  

Target Messaging, explode media coverage, be on a show

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