Here Is The News

here is the News 

Here Is The News – Get Your Message Out There!

Here Is The News 

Why do So Many Small and Medium Businesses fail to get new out to their markets regularly?   

There’s an old saying “If You Don’t Tell People What You Are Doing, They Automatically Think you Are Doing Nothing!”

I have to admit that one of my favourite ways of drawing attention to our Clients is an International News Release.  

Our Agency has a great set up for Syndicating News to important Online News Outlets, which are then picked up and Indexed by all the major search engines.   

Why Is That So Important? 

As The search engines index your news item it holds that in its database and when someone puts your key words in it will show up in searches.  Because you do this regularly Search Engines see you and your business as being More Important than others who show up along side you in the search returns.

On the right you can see one of mine which was published in the DIGITAL JOURNAL in August 2018, and right in my News Release out of the blue, is a photo of Mr Warren Buffett.   The Google index of my release ran to over a dozen pages with my name and a link to my release wherever it was published. 

Here Is My News

Here Is The News

Rev Dr James Bruce

Getting His News Out There worked for Rev. Dr James Bruce when he became the Transitional Team Rector to the Cartmel Team Ministry Benefice and Priest in Charge of the three Leven Valley Parishes.

The Parishes comprise of St Anne’s Haverthwaite, St Mary’s Staveley and St Peter’s Finsthwaite.

This area is undergoing massive changes both in the Civil Parishes and within the Church itself.  

As congregations fall funds get tighter and each parish has to find different ways of surviving financially and in how it delivers it’s services to the community it serves.

Jim want to revolutionise and update what we do in or communities, how we help them and how we fight their corner when ever we can.

Even though we are a church we want to be able to promote our local businesses to the outside world and will help in any way we can.  

So if you sun a business in our area then please let us know how we can help or how we can work together for the betterment of our communities and residents.

Here Is The News – In Articles and News Releases 

Article by David Birchall in Marketing Insiders Magazine

The Article In Marketing Insiders

Having an Article published in a credible magazine like Marketing Insiders was good for me.   

When clients are looking for an expert in their field, Articles and one of the ways a prospective client can find out about an individual.

The fact that they are published in a magazine valued by the search engines for the validity of their content enhances the reputation of the author and can put them head and shoulders above their competitors.

It can work wonders and of course allows the author to say he or she has been featured on ABC, NBC, CNN, Marketing Insiders, YouTube etc.

All of this adds to your Street Cred!

It’s a great tool in the marketing tool box. 

Before You Know It – You Can Be “Cooking on Gas” as the Saying Goes!

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