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Social Media: When you get involved with Using Social Media, it’s essential that you get the social Media spotlight focusing on you.  It’s essentially a factor of time and knowledge of the best social outlets for you. What you have to do is work out whether your time is better spent leaning about the different aspects of Social Media and the Techniques that make it work for you; or you work with someone who already has those skills to get the best from your online presence.

It’s about balancing what it would cost you in lost time with a paying client against getting a specialist to do the ground work for you and paying for that.

Social Media

Be prepared to commit time to keeping it up to date and relevant.  Ask anyone who is on this medium and they will tell you it can take up a lot of your time.  

Owner Managers in Micro and Small Businesses can find it difficult to fit this in without hurting the business, especially if they are responsible for delivering the profits as well as finding customers.

That’s where we come in!   

Our complete marketing package includes helping you with Spotlighting Social Media well and making it work for you; as well as the other key aspects such as Websites Content, Key words etc., and  Getting your message out there, and to the right target audience.

Practical Social Media

Getting the Spotlight on You

Getting the Spotlight on YOU: Train the Spotlight from Social Media Upon You and it get’s you seen on search engines and makes you stand out from the competition.  It should be part of your Online and Offline strategy so you can maximise your web presence and local traditional marketing.   One thing you must consider is that the most used tool used for viewing websites these days is the Smart Phone.  

Today’s smart phones are very powerful and no matter where people go their phone is with them.  It’s so easy to surf the web on the move and the younger generations have take to that like ducks to water.  As a consequence business owners must focus efforts on the best Platforms for marketing their products and services.  Successful Marketers don’t just appear now and then on Social Media and in other prominent places, they work hard to make sure they can be seen across the web consistently.

You must be seen REGULARLY where your existing and potential customers are looking.  Let’s look at the main platforms…

This is probably the best known platform and as a result it’s also a must for businesses to get their wares in front of potential customers.

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YouTube is growing again for businesses and of course Google Loves YouTube because they own it.  So, if you have a YouTube channel Google will prefer you to someone who hasn’t got one.


Instagram has become very popular particularly with younger generations.  But don’t be fooled, it is also popular with celebrities and businesses for showing off their products and services.


Pinterest gets bigger and bigger and more popular.  younger generations use Pinterest a lot.

And that is because the Pinterest Platform is Really  a SEARCH ENGINE of some repute.   It’s a must be for businesses – ignore it at your peril.

Linked In

Linked In is also popular and under new management.  It’s an excellent platform for doing Business to Business sales.

It’s also used by members to find and identify Talent.  You can find many talented individuals on Linked In.


Twitter never seems to be out of the news as it’s used by so many people and businesses.

Marketing on Twitter has become quite prevalent and many swear but it.

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Authority Positioning

The trick to getting yourself noticed on the Internet is to Stand Out From The Crowd!

You may, by luck or hard work find yourself on page 1 of Google, but never forget that even though you have managed to get your business on Page One, you are still only part of a list of other businesses – Just Like You.

They probably do similar things to you.  In effect even though you are on that coveted Page One, you are still part of a crowd all shouting at the visitor Hey I’m Here, Pick Me! 

So, Page One is just another step on the road.  But You Can Change That!

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