Video Drives Visitors 

Video drives visitors to your website provides a fantastic way to get your message across and it doesn't have to be Hollywood Movie Standard.  Sometimes simple video explanations are all that's needed and you can do them using PowerPoint or Windows Movie Maker, you certainly don't need expensive software to make it work for you.

You don't have to have a voice over either; but it tends to get a better reception if you do have a voice over.  There are loads of videos on YouTube on how to create simple 'explainer' videos and using Microsoft Office 365 you can get PowerPoint and much more for a small monthly fee.  And with PowerPoint You can do all of it without even coming out of that application if you have the right version.   

Getting Your Message Out There with Artemis Media

Claiming Your Authority with Artemis Media.

Here on the left, is one of ours which we admit is a video that was done by someone used to working with video; but it gives you an idea on how easy it is to get an important message across in just One Minute 30 seconds.

The Medium of Video is growing immensely and is becoming a first choice for search with more visitors, particularly the 16 - 25 year old's.