Video Drives Visitors

Video Drives Visitors 

Video Drives Visitors and helps you DOMINATE your markets  All the search engines and pundits will tell you  that the future of communication on the web is Video.  It’s in demand now and that is expected to grow exponentially as Broadband and faster speeds improve.

It has then become a major tool in the box of the marketer and if you don’t have video somewhere on your pages you will be missing out.

It’s not necessary to have video to the quality of a Hollywood Movie.  Far from it, the average visitor wants to see something that can be easily understood, is informative and entertaining!  Check any YouTube video to see what I mean.  You don’t have to be Stephen Speilberg…

Video Positively Drive Visitors

Explode Your Media Coverage

Video Drives Visitors so you can educate and inform them about how you solve problems for clients

Video Drives Visitors to your website provides a fantastic way to get your message across and it doesn’t have to be Hollywood Movie Standard.  Sometimes simple video explanations are all that’s needed and you can do them using PowerPoint or Windows Movie Maker, you certainly don’t need expensive software to make it work for you.

You don’t have to have a voice over either; but it tends to get a better reception if you do have a voice over.  There are loads of videos on YouTube on how to create simple ‘explainer’ videos and using Microsoft Office 365 you can get PowerPoint and much more for a small monthly fee.  And with PowerPoint You can do all of it without even coming out of that application if you have the right version.   

Video Drives Visitors – Don’t Miss out!

Using Video Helps you Claim Your Authority as A Player in your market place

Here on the left, is one of ours which we admit is a video that was done by someone used to working with video; but it gives you an idea on how easy it is to get an important message across in just One Minute 30 seconds.

The critical things you want on a page are items that relate to your product or service, which will educate and entertain your visitor.

Learn the Inside Track on How Video Drives Visitors to the Pages to Entertain and Inform 

It’s true – Video Drives Visitors:  The longer they stay on a page the better your score with search engines.  Length of stay is one of the criteria for judging whether your page is interesting enough to increase your page score and ranking.  

The search engine’s job is to provide the most relevant result for the key words or phrases you put in for the search to take place.  Headlines, Content and Images all relating to the subject matter on the page is critical to getting a good page rank.   Video can be prized higher than simple images, but all have to be relevant to the search terms and Your Focus Key Words for the page.

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Creating a video to drive visitors need not cost you a lot of money, on the contrary you will most likely have the tools on your computer to create a reasonable video right now.  If not you can use applications like to make one.  

If you have PowerPoint on your PC or Laptop then again you can easily create a video to drive visitors to your page quite easily using PowerPoint of even Google slides or if you have a Mac, then you’ll have the facility right there too. 

Just to show you, here is one I created for the Local Church Christmas 2019 showing the Christmas Tree Festival.   Why don’t you have a go, remember, inform and educate about the problems you can solve with your services or products.

Using Video Can Be A Game Changer For You

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