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The HVAC Contractor in the USA on Becoming a Published Author

"We are winning a lot of bids because we have the book.  Before we had our own Book, we could lose a job because our price was $50 too high."

"Now we get the job at our price - all because we gave the homeowner a copy of our book and so they see us as the experts."

The Cleaning Company....

“I own a cleaning company in Atlanta and the Positioning was one of the main reasons I bought into this Marketing System. I used the positioning from a focused article on “My Expertise in My Field of Operations” which meant I could put media logos on my site (As seen on).  

It Made a World of Difference. 

I saved at least $15,000 in advertising costs a year. Have not spent a penny on advertising in the last 2 years, and I’ve been able to Raise Prices and deal with only high end clients.” 

Atlanta Eco Cleaners. Link

The Real Estate Agent

A Real Estate Agent in the USA was 3rd out of 4 agents in line to give a presentation for the contract to sell a Luxury Water Front Property.  Having taken up the Agency Offer to create and publish a Best Selling Author book on Amazon during his presentation he brought out the book and showed the prospective clients.

He finished his presentation and left.  As he drove away from the presentation he received a call saying the sellers had cancelled the 4th Presentation and indicated that he was the best equipped to sell their property and asked him to come back to sign them up for the task.

That's the difference Being a Published Author Can Make!


Rebecca Hanson of Authentic Maths Ltd

Over chats and emails Rebecca brought me up to speed with the exciting new service and how it was helping primary schools.  A considerable number were having issues / problems with how to teach children of Five Years the maths usually taught to Seven Year Olds.    No one teaches children of 5 the same level of maths that is taught to those of 7, and no research had been done on how best to achieve this as 5 year old children learn differently to 7 year old kids.

What We Came Up With...

Rebecca needed to get her message out there quickly, both from the point of view of helping schools and children, but also to give her some Media Authority to go for the chance for some funding under a project involving Richard Branson.    (This being the Voom Project with Linked In)

Once we understood about the product/service she offered through her company Authentic Maths we were able to tailor some Media activities to help her in the short, medium and long term.

This involved getting her voice out there on the web so we did an Interview on our channel of Business Innovators Radio (links below) created a Syndicated Press Release on the subject and she was amazed at the coverage it gave her, both nationally and internationally.

She and her business were featured through the Press Release on over 260 on line News Channels including Fox, CBS ABC and Wall Street Select.   Google UK picked up and indexed some 14 pages with nothing but Rebecca's Press Release all listed and the Business Innovators Radio Interview was syndicated across iTunes, Spreaker, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, and YouTube.

Local News and TV picked up the story and Rebecca had coverage in there as well.

Here is what Rebecca Thought of the Process...