Game Changer Podcasting Delivers

Game Changer Podcasting Delivers!

Game Changer Podcasting Delivers

Game Changer Podcasting Delivers! – Yes It’s true, you only have to look at all the celebrities and Stars from movies to football and more who are involved in podcasting.  But what is Podcasting?

In a nutshell Podcasting is nothing more than an On Line Radio Channel.  Yes, it’s online Radio!

Don’t let that turn you off it; the Power of Podcasting is huge for those who get involved.  It boosts Recognition and Street Cred immensely and you don’t have to go to the trouble of setting up your own Podcast Channel, all you have to do is tell your story on other Channels as a Guest Speaker and you’re on the ladder. It really can be a Game Changer for You.

It’s something akin to public or after dinner speaking in a way, but much more informal and significantly less intimidating. Once you have been on a Podcast which syndicates around the main web outlets like iTunes, Stitcher, Spreaker, iHeart Radio and YouTube you have an amazing platform to build your marketing on.  We like to make it easy for micro, small and medium businesses to get on the band wagon and kick start their path to Recognition and being a Local Subject Matter Expert.

Game Changer Podcasting Delivers

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You Don’t have to Create Your Own Podcast!

Few people or businesses will have missed the growth of Podcasting over the last few years, if you have been paying attention to what’s going on around you, that is.

From A List Celebrities to Sole Traders working from home in a spare room, the Podcast has become one of the tools to promote and engender Recognition across the web.

You don’t have to create your own Podcast, all you have to present is a good story about you and the people you help in your business to become a viable guest on an Online Radio Show, commonly called A Podcast!

Want to see if you fit the bill to have a guest spot on our Radio Channel?  Then fill in the form below and Pippa will get back to you to sort things out.   Do It Now!

Game Changer Podcasting Delivers – An Opportunity to Tell the World How You Help Your Clients?

We’re actively looking for businesses to interview especially if you are in the service sector.  There is no charge for the interview and once its published we give you information on how to make the best of the interview in your marketing.

The process is quite easy and will take up around 30 minutes of your time. you will know what questions we will be asking you before you do the interview and we’ll have a good chat with you to find out about your business so we can lead you gently through the process.

Don’t Delay Fill in The Form NOW!  – And We’ll See You On The Other Side…

Game Changer Podcasting Delivers

Game Changer Podcasting Delivers For You with Business Innovators Radio

Imagine If you were able to have a recording of you being interviewed about how you help your customers with their problems and issues.   That recording would be available online 24/7 with links to the interview on your website and in all your emails that you send out.

There are more ways you can leverage the interview which we will inform you of once you have been recorded and it’s been published.

Your interview will be alongside other leaders in their fields of operations adding to your credibility – Check Out ….  Business Innovators Radio

Game Changer Podcasting Delivers - explode your media coverage

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We’ve all heard of Marketing and PR, but many micro and smaller businesses could be unaware of the immense value it gives to search engine rankings and potential clients finding you.

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