Niche Market Targeting

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Niche market targeting

Niche Market Targeting Reduces the Competition

Niche Market Targeting – Produces Quality Clients Regularly!  The Bigger and Wider the Marketing Sector You Target the Bigger and More Numerous is the Competition!   On the other hand – When You Focus on Targeting Niche’s the Less the Competition and the Better the Clientele. 

What’s So Special About Niches?

When you specialise with Niche Market Targeting, you will find as I have already mentioned, you have less competition.

You see, while all your main competitors are splashing around in the wider market of the sector, each having to spend more time and money searching for and being noticed by the people they want to help; you don’t have to spread yourself so thinly!  

When you realise this, Niche Markets become a very welcome prospect.   

Niche Market Targeting – What Is It And Why Target Them?

Niche Market Targeting is what Marketers call a Subset of a larger market sector or business segment.  The Niche has its own particular needs or preferences, which may be different from the larger and wider market sector.

One of the beauties of a Niche is that while major sectors could be suffering in a diminishing market, the smaller business segments and Niches could be expanding because the Big Boys are pulling out. 

You see, big players often pull out of some of the markets they service, due to their drop in returns, as do some of the larger companies.  This in turn means that smaller businesses can make it pay especially when they find the niches in such sectors and segments of the larger market affected. 

In the image on the right, let’s assume the whole orange is “The Market” which in turn is broken down into segments, so large, some small. The smaller segments would be a Niche.

The pips take the part of the supply chain to the segment, which opens up other potential clients.

Niche market targeting - segments

Feeling Stuck?  Then Shoot The Arrow First

Niche Market Targeting - Delivers Quality Clients

Sometimes you have to shoot the arrow and see what comes back.   If you hit lucky and your shot in the dark produces a good potential Niche Target Client, then drill down and draw the target around the arrow!  

Researching potential targets can be easy as long as you know in your own mind the benefits you can bring to a client.   I’ve produced a short explanation on How To Discover Niches and You can have a copy to work your way through matching Niches to your Services or Products.

Just remember, don’t make it about you and how good you are at what you do!  Make all your approaches about how you are helping your clients solve problems.

To help us help you, just fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you to make sure you get the right Discover Niches document for you.  It’s free and so is the short conversation we will have to make sure you’re getting the right information.

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