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A New News Release out today entitled UK Businesses Must Seek and Grasp Opportunities'.  Discussing the need for small and medium businesses to be seen by potential international business owners looking at the UK for potential customers, suppliers or even potential business partners.

In this section Artemis Media Unlocked they show their own News Releases and some of their Client's successes.  Being in the News is critical if you want to be seen as a Leader or Authority in your field, like Artemis Media Unlocked.

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Integrated Marketing with Artemis Media Unlocked

At Artemis Unlocked we have been working on some wider concepts where Online Marketing and Traditional Marketing are dovetailed to give wider penetration and consistency.  There is so much to remember and to consider as the Internet and Search Engines have become more 'intelligent' where data is concerned.

But when you take a step back you will soon see that there is an easy way to dovetail new and traditional marketing techniques, which is why I gave them the name of "Integrated Marketing" which seemed to be a nice simple description which won't "frighten the horses".

I'll be updating the model in the next couple of weeks and then I'll get a paper produced which will be made available to those who want to take up the concept and use it for themselves.  Basically whatever you think the new form of marketing is using digital media and add to that all the old forms of getting your message out there, then you have the start of your own format.

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What Clients and Colleagues Say About Us


Radio Interview and News

Creating my radio interview with David was a tremendously important process for me and for my business.  

It provided all the exposure that he’d promised but it also did much more than that.

I'd thoroughly recommend working with David to any business which is seeking to increase its media presence whilst being mentored by a great interviewer.  

Rebecca Hanson

Authentic Maths Ltd

The Go To Guys

Great service, delivered on time and in budget.   They made the job so much more easy for me to get through with the way they are always there to give great advice.

I'm working away now to get the next stage ready, at that point I'll be looking to enhance my online presence with News Releases, Articles and I'm considering having my own chapter in a book.

Never thought I'd be able to do this!

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Margaret Allen

Skilled & Trustworthy

"David is such and all around great guy, it is hard to just focus on one aspect of his many talents. If you are seeking assistance for your Business to build authority and trust, 

David is there to assist you with the all around knowledge needed to get it done right the first time. I have seen him in action and seen the people he has assisted so I know that he is someone that you can trust to help your business stand out and be noticed."

Rebecca Holman

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Once you have cemented a Position in Your Market Place you'll soon find customers looking for you, rather than you searching for them.

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