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One of Our Latest Publications!

time-travellers-guide-to-haverthwaite-final-flat-1-9-16Since the 1600's the Township of Haverthwaite has been an industrial village housing Corn Mills, Cotton Mills, Woolen Mills, Ultramarine Manufacture, Iron Making and Gunpowder to name but a few in the local rural economy.

The area is the foot of the English Lake District immortalized for its beauty by poets like Wordsworth and travellers and it shows how industrial fate is linked to many things that can have negative impacts on lives and communities.

The book discusses the civil and ecclesiastical parish, the church and how that has been interlocked with the communities history. It highlights information about local families, Iron Masters, Cotton Masters, Gunpowder makers and of course the Ultramarine manufacture in what became known as the "Blue Works". Through the book we see the social history and issues unfold some quite alarming. We see glimpses of the supply chain for these local businesses and how for around 150 years a small rural village could be at the forefront of technology.

The book is written is conversational style making it easy to read whilst imparting important knowledge about an area now favoured for its scenery rather then its opportunity for employment in heavy industry.

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