Special Offers

Our client base is fairly wide as the list below suggests, and from time to time we release special offers for any of the sectors we serve.  By working with different sectors we get to know their specific problems and the solutions needed to address the problems.

Typically, You Will Be:

Professional Services

We work with - Accountants, Architects, Lawyers, Financial Consultants, Academics, Educators, Tutors, Trainers, Business consultants, mentors, Writers/Journalists, Coaches, Interim managers, Project managers etc.  Our agency can and has made a difference to owner managers in these fields and many more.  As a result their importance on search engine results have improved significantly and customers become easier to find and win.

Health Practitioners

Consultants, Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Radiographers, Optometrists and Opticians etc.

The health Sectors can benefit considerably from addressing their Authority Positioning and Branding.  Whether you are in the public sector or private sector, getting the right image and position can help your organization immensely.

Alternative Health Practitioners

When you are not part of the Mainstream Health Service you have spend time attracting clients and time is money, our work helps you find clients with less effort.  Designed for...

Herbalists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physic Horticulturists etc.  Whilst often as valid as the traditional Health Sector the alternative sector can cut through waiting times and bring different techniques and approaches to bare on injuries and illnesses but, its a competitive sector and you need to be found and seen as giving value.

Sports and Fitness

This sector can be very price movement sensitive particularly when money is tight.  This means getting potential clients to click on your search engine listing rather than all the others presented is crucial for winning business. As a result we have designed this for you..

Sports therapists, personal trainers, life coaches, Sports counsellors, Performance Coaches etc. In recent years there has been an increase in this sector with a wide range of differences between the best and the poorest.

It's crucial that your business is seen to be at the top of the profession if you want to win clients and compete with others in your field.

Business Consultants

Being seen as the leader in your field can make all the difference to winning clients.  So for General Business Consultants, Specialist Business Consultants, Business Mentors, Business Coaches, Business Writers, Interim Managers, Project Managers we've just the thing.

We help you build your authority and prominence in your field of operations tipping the client finding in your favour.   Become that leader in your field!

Civil Engineers & Construction

Winning Clients in Competitive Markets has always been an issue for many of the following trades or professions.  Project Managers, Surveyors, Builders, Plumbers, Plasters, Electricians, Joiners, Carpenters, Roofers, HVAC Engineers, Civil Engineers, Ground Workers and Gardeners, Foresters, Landscapers.

Our authority and positioning programs make a difference and help you stay ahead of the competition.  Therefore our positioning and branding marketing systems for Trades and Professions.

Women Entrepreneurs

Want to beat the Glass Ceiling?  Women Entrepreneurs can sometimes find it more difficult to be seen as being better than their male counterpart.  In any of the roles named on this page or in different sectors (employed or self-employed) if you are a Female then we know how to help you with the Glass Ceiling.

We turn your gender into an advantage and soon have you competing with the best.  How do we know what you are up against?  Because half of our business is Female!  But it does not hold us back...

Property & Teal Estate

Getting potential customers to chose you can be difficult when there are so many competitors around all claiming to be the best and cheapest.  We help you solve this issue, our service focuses on ways you can win a potential client over even when you have many others vying for the business.   Geared to help....

Real Estate Agents, Estate Managers, Property Consultants, Mortgage Advisers, Conveyancers, Auctioneers, Surveyors and Valuers, Investment Property Consultants, Rental Agents


The job of planners is to take the strain out of their clients projects and sometimes the hardest part is getting them to understand just how good you are at what you do.  Therefore we create an authority marketing system for Wedding Planners, Party Planners, Event Planners, Town Planners, Travel Planners.

It's about proving your worth and winning clients.