Web Design Development

Web Design Development and Pricing: The initial cost (investment) of a website depends on what you want your site to do for your business, what it will look like and its functionality. In turn, that determines how long it will take to build.

We're not trying to get out of telling you what your costs might be. To give you an accurate price, we need to nail down exactly what you want from us. 

However, we've been in the industry for over 20 years.  We like to make things easy for our Clients and we created a Foundation Package.  From here you can develop and upscale as your needs demand. 

Website Design Pricing

Web Design and development Pricing - foundation package - £ 3757.00

Web Design and Development Pricing- Foundation Package: - Not everyone needs 100 pages, some businesses only need 5 or 6 search engine optimised pages to drive customers to their website.  Our Foundation Package is the basis of all websites and it's what everyone gets.  Within those pages you have what you need to grow your business and the ability to add to those pages whenever you need. 

We've done it this way so our clients get a solid foundation upon which they can build their business, their empire!   It's solid, scaleable and secure.   So what do you get within the Foundation Package?

Laptop and desk 1


Your Website will be built in the latest version of WordPress.

The Theme for your 6 pages will be in your chosen Corporate Livery and using Responsive Design meaning it's mobile and tablet friendly too.  You will also have one page to showcase your Blog.

Security Plugins will be installed for your safety. Other plugins are installed to make working with the Content management system easier for you.

You will be able to download back-ups daily or have them emailed to you.


We will set the site up with a number of tools to help you and these include: - 

Contact Forms and Opt In Forms - connected to an external Auto Responder like 'Mail-Chimp' or 'Get Response' so you can build mailing lists from visitors and clients, for your Marketing.

Plug ins and Training on how to use the site and enter content relating to your products or services.

Additional Page creation facility as you wish.

Laptop and desk

Additional Extras - from £ 377.00

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Page Themes

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Shopping Carts / Catalogue

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Knowledge Base

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