Web Development & Hosting

We've been developing and Hosting Websites for over 20 years so we know how to make them work!  Pretty websites look good, but they don't necessarily convert Visitors to Sales.   These days far too many small and medium sized businesses think paying £10 a month for the same format of website hundreds of other businesses have will bring in sales galore.

It never has and never will!   

So, we don't build websites for people if all they want is a "calling card" sat on the web doing nothing.   If you want to grow your business then your website has to be functional and easy to navigate and above all - It Has To Be Promoted and Marketed.

All our Web Build Packages include Marketing.


We value your privacy and security and all our website include a number of levels of security.  We insist that all websites much be using the latest Theme and Plugin updates and that they must be kept up to date.  It's the only way to maintain security across the platform.   Even the strongest website is only as secure as the weakest link in the chain, and the week link is usually the site which does not update its themes and plugins and has poor security measures on their computers.

100% security is a myth - no one can be 100 % secure!   But we can make it as hard as we can to stop hackers gaining entry to our data.