why pod casters become celebrities

Why Pod Casters Become Celebrities

Why do Pod casters become celebrities? -  because Online Radio, or Pod Casting is a communication medium which has really caught on at a pace.  It allows you to target specific Niche clients or parties who may be interested in your thoughts, skills and opinions in a way other media doesn't.  

For most Business Owners and Managers it's difficult to find the time to create your own Podcast or Radio Chanel, after all, your main job is to produce profits within your business, not to become a Radio Star, but you can have both.

And it's for this reason we created our own Online Radio Show and system for helping Owner Managers get their message out there.  Be Interviewed on Our Radio Show and Get Yourself Recognised -  it's Hosted on Business Innovators Radio Network.

Check this one out - https://www.beefanddairynetwork.com/

It's not on our network but it relates to an industry which shows how small businesses could make it work for them.  Pod Casting allows you to directly connect with niche customers and be seen and heard across the Web effectively.  Pretty soon you collect followers and the more entertaining you can make it for niche markets then it's inevitable that you will become a Celebrity in your field of operations.

Be On Our Radio Show Seen as a Pod Casting Celebrity 

Be On Our Online Radio Show seen as A Pod Casting Expert - If you haven't seen or heard of Online Radio or Podcasting (it's the same thing) then we're glad we caught you.  Anyone of any note these days has a presence either running a Podcast or being interviewed on one.   Check out BBC Sounds

In the online world the Podcast is immense, think about all the Celebrities and Experts in all Manner of operational fields and the chances are that if they are any good they will have been interviewed on a Podcast.

So, here is your chance to up your game and be seen with the other Experts out there...

You see, when people and businesses have a problem they want to deal with those who are Experts in Their Field of Operations. We Call them - SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS

Over 65% of Small and Medium Business Owners are unaware of the value to them and their businesses of being Seen and Recognised as a Subject Matter Expert, we have also referred to them as Authorities as well.  What ever you prefer of the two titles, has little to do with it.  What is important is that ...

If You want to stand Out From Your Competitors - You Really need to be seen as "Different" to them and that is why budding Entrepreneurs are getting involved with Speaking engagements and being Interviewed about the way they help their clients/customers. 

For Example; we help our customers Become Seen and Heard discussing how they help their clients achieve their goals or Solve Their Problems.

And you can appear on our Radio Show or Pod Cast for FREE - YES I said FREE...

Why Pod Casters Become Celebrities

Build Your Brand/Credibility

Step 1

Think about it; whenever you have heard or seen someone on the TV or Radio giving an opinion or advice, you have probably accepted that they are a "Subject Matter Expert without question!

That's why we have our Business innovators Radio So You Can Be On Our Radio Channel.

Click the Link Below to Find Out More... 

Why Pod Casters Become Celebrities - they shine a light.

Demonstrate Leadership

Step 1

Potential Customers are looking for industry leaders they can follow!  Radio Interviews Add to Your Presence and demonstrate Credibility and Leadership.  

Once you become a "Leader" in your field of operations, you'll find customers come looking for you rather than you searching for them.  Be on our radio channel at Business Innovators Radio.

If you would like to know more Pod Casting and Becoming a Celebrity, simply fill in the form here and we'll have a chat in confidence and without obligation.    You'll be able to find out more about our Special Offers!
Be On Our Radio Channel for FREE and we'll interview you on how you help your customers. 

Leadership is Earned and Conferred by Others

Leadership is earned and conferred, never taken and shouted about by a Leader.  To be truly accepted as a leader in your field of operations it is essential that the title of Leader, Authority or Expert is conferred upon you but Respected Third Parties, including Search Engines.   With pod casting you can quickly become a celebrity in your field of operations.

This requires an individual to share his or her knowledge, to give value and to be seen to be giving value by other Respected Persons or organisations.   There are some simple ways to achieve this, not least of which is discussing your ideas and results on Pod Casts, (also called Online Radio Channels), in Articles, News Releases and interactions.

The more the search engines see you doing this, the more it improves your ratings and status on the web! 

A well placed interview or article can get you noticed as can all the others I have mentioned here.  However, don't think that a one off show will have much impact on a hitherto quiet web presence.  It Won't!

Create a strategy for effectively shining your light on the world and how you will give value to those who will listen, read and follow you.   In particular those who have already achieved the status to which you aspire.

An Interview on a Radio Channel can lead to so much! 

It's amazing just how much Media Cover you can get from being on a Pod Cast or Online Radio Channel.  It's an excellent way of generating leads and getting yourself and your company known in your Local Market and further afield.

The great thing about sound podcasts is that they are easy to fit into emails and just about anywhere else for prospecting. You can also create more content with the interview. We reckon we get out of one interview on our radio channel at least 5 different marketing peaces to spread the word about our client and how good they are at what they do. We refer to it as Exploding Your Media Coverage!